Appriss Health is now Bamboo Health. Visit our new website to learn how we’re Cultivating Care Collaboration, Everywhere.

  • We Are Now Bamboo Health

    Appriss Health + PatientPing is now Bamboo Health. Together as one, we are creating one of the most comprehensive and diverse care collaboration networks in the country. We invite you to read our new press release to learn more.

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Appriss Health + PatientPing

You may have heard about Appriss Health’s acquisition of PatientPing, but have you heard how it will revolutionize care coordination and improve public health? Hear Appriss CEO Krishnan Sastry and Bamboo Health President & General Manager Rob Cohen explain how in our new videos.

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Who We Help

We empower our different types of customers by offering near real-time data and analytics and care coordination solutions across the continuum of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment.


By equipping healthcare providers with accurate patient histories, analyses of those histories, and a network of specialized providers, patients with behavioral health issues or substance use disorder receive better, more prompt treatment.

Healthcare Providers

With our technology solutions, healthcare providers can access patients’ prescription histories within seconds directly in their clinical workflows and quickly refer patients in crisis to the appropriate level of care—improving patient outcomes and increasing physician satisfaction.


By providing chain and independent pharmacies with compliant, patient prescription histories, pharmacists can recognize potential concerns, make more informed dispensing decisions, and communicate with fellow pharmacists and providers.

State Governments

Via their partnerships with Appriss Health, state governments can utilize our PDMP solutions to deliver prescriber compliance, monitor sales of opioids and medications containing pseudoephedrine, and create a comprehensive behavioral health care coordination network.

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Positive Impact on the ER

“Although Ohio has had a PMP for years, the web page has been cumbersome to navigate and difficult to interpret the results. Since the incorporation of NarxCare, those issues have been resolved …”

Bruce Jones
Division Chief of Emergency Medicine
ED Medical Director, OhioHealth Doctors Hospital

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Prescription Monitoring Solutions

By providing knowledge for good, we’re playing an instrumental role in successful, compliant prescription monitoring across the USA.


Facilitates better identification, prevention and management of substance use disorder with information and insights gained from visual risk scoring, powerful analytics, and care management tools.

Learn how PMP Gateway integrates PDMP data at the point-of-care and provides flexibility to share data between states for better coordinated patient care.

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With the data and analytic power of PMP AWARxE, end users, prescribers and dispensers are better able to make informed decisions and intervene earlier.

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behavioral health solutions

By creating comprehensive treatment and referral networks, we help foster collaboration among mental health, substance use, social service, and medical providers, improving access to treatment.

Learn how OpenBeds is helping streamline the behavioral health treatment referral process and improving access to treatment.

Helping a Pharmacist With PSE Compliance

“Our Kroger pharmacists can now easily identify patients for whom controlled substance usage is unusually high, and address overuse or abuse concerns without the need to log into different websites for historical data.”

Mike Menkhaus
Pharmacy System Development Team