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Who We Help

We’re providing public and private sector customers with knowledge for good. Our reliable, real-time data analytics solutions make it possible to intervene sooner and make better informed decisions about substance use.

Healthcare Providers

Making it possible for providers to prescribe more responsibly and compliantly for preventing and managing substance use disorders.

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Providing pharmacies with timely, compliant, efficient prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) solutions that enable earlier intervention and facilitate collaboration with healthcare providers and other pharmacies.

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State Governments

Partnering with state government agencies to provide reliable, compliant PDMP solutions for better tracking and intervening for substance use disorders, as well as blocking and monitoring sales of medications containing pseudoephedrine.

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Prescription Monitoring Solutions

By providing knowledge for good, we’re playing an instrumental role in successful, compliant prescription monitoring across the USA.

Facilitates better identification, prevention and management of substance use disorder with information and insights gained from visual risk scoring, powerful analytics, and care management tools.

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Learn how PMP Gateway integrates real-time PDMP data at the point-of-care and provides flexibility to share data between states for better coordinated patient care.

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With the data and analytic power of PMP AWARxE, end users, prescribers and dispensers are better able to make informed decisions and intervene earlier.

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Methamphetamine Precursor Tracking Solutions

We take pride in supporting informed decision-making related to substance use disorders for pharmacies, healthcare systems, providers, pharmacies, and state governments, nationwide.

Nationwide, 33 states are relying on the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) to efficiently comply with methamphetamine precursor legislation, along with New York and California, voluntarily.

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MethCheck is how nearly 50,000 pharmacies are effectively tracking and managing sales of over-the-counter cold, flu, and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE).

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