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Appriss Health has Achieved Critical Milestones in Integrating PDMP Information into Clinical Workflow and Facilitating Interstate Data Sharing

500,000 Providers Now have EHR and Pharmacy System Integrations; 51 PDMPs are Now Sharing Interstate Data; Innovative Solutions are Impacting the Opioid Crisis All Across the U.S.


This year, Appriss Health has achieved critical milestones in the integration of PDMP information into clinical workflow and facilitating interstate data sharing in an effort to make an impact on the opioid epidemic.

Today, more than 500,000 prescribers and pharmacists at nearly 80,000 facilities across the U.S. utilize Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway service enabling the integration of PDMP data and more within clinical workflow. PMP Gateway saves, on average, two to five minutes of a clinician’s time to review a patient’s PDMP report, risk scores, additional risk indicators, data visualizations, and more per patient encounter.

In addition, 51 of the 54 PDMPs are actively participating in PMP InterConnect, a national PDMP interstate data sharing hub that enables prescribers and pharmacists to receive a holistic view of patient history through multi-state data. Provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP), and maintained by Appriss Health, PMP InterConnect is processing more than 162 million PDMP interstate transactions per month. Over the past year, states have exchanged more than 1.1 billion interstate reports.

As the opioid epidemic continues to evolve, we will continue to focus on delivering real-time clinical decision support tools, critical insights, and powerful enabling capabilities that provide our state and clinician customers proven solutions for patient management and treatment to help with this complex problem plaguing our communities.

Learn more about how our solutions are empowering prescribers and pharmacists across the U.S. to make an impact on the opioid epidemic by reading the full press release here or reviewing the infographic below.

Learn more about how we are helping solve the opioid crisis with knowledge for good in our new infographic

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