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How Appriss Health Responded to the Telehealth Boom

During the initial COVID-19 lockdown, health care professionals were challenged with ensuring their patients received the care they needed virtually. Many practices expanded their offerings to include telehealth services. These services are especially important for behavioral health patients looking to get into a recovery program, as many in-person offerings have been closed during COVID-19. Appriss Health made enhancements to our solutions so that practitioners can efficiently refer patients to telehealth services that provide the care they need.

Adding an “additional services” criteria filter to our OpenBeds solution allowed treatment providers to identify themselves as offering telehealth services and potentially increase their referral volume. Now when referring organizations search for providers they can choose to only contact those who offer telehealth services. With the addition of this filter, our team provided ongoing support and training to increase the adoption of this new feature for our state partners. This effort continues our mission to close the referral treatment loop and help as many patients as possible.

Patients searching for available treatment providers on our public-facing portal,, can also see which providers have indicated that they offer telehealth services. Now they can make more informed decisions about their care depending on their ability to engage in traditional in-person visits vs. telehealth. We also have a blog with tips on preparing for a telehealth appointment-a great resource for practitioners to share with new patients.

Although the events of 2020 challenged healthcare in an unprecedented way, Appriss Health was proud to provide additional support for our partners and further our mission to provide our communities with knowledge for good©.

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