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Managing Seamless Implementation

Here at Appriss Health, we provide a host of resources to ensure that the implementation of our solutions is as seamless as possible so that you and your providers can offer patients more complete and prompt treatment. We know that up to 43% of IT projects exceed budget, a statistic that can be improved upon through cost-saving efficiencies in the implementation process. We asked manager of implementations Erin Combs to give us an inside perspective on how her team works hand-in-hand with our customers to efficiently onboard our solutions.

Q1 – How does Appriss Health manage implementation when onboarding a new customer? 

Erin – While our process relies on complex applications and integrations on the back end – it is delivered in a simple, human-centric manner on the front end. Once you sign-up via a user-friendly web portal you are connected with our dedicated customer success management team. Our team is present for the life of your contract and is always available to answer questions throughout the onboarding process.

 Q2 – How does having a unique approach to implementation ensure the continued success of our customers?  

Erin  In 2020, our team successfully onboarded over 3,300 hospitals, hospital systems, and other healthcare entities in the state-funded market. Through ongoing collaboration and tried-and-true methods, we ensure that our customers have everything that they need in order to successfully roll out the service to their providers. Additionally, we have pre-built integrations with the majority of EHRs, saving many of our clients time and money as they onboard our solutions so that their providers can make the most informed clinical decisions possible.

Here is an email to a Project Manager from a Nevada healthcare entity that recently integrated with NarxCare:  

Good Morning, I want to thank everyone that was involved with bringing up Nevada PDMP. Nevada physicians are very pleased with the simplicity of accessing the report.” – Dr. Hua in Nevada

I feel we should arrange a virtual happy hour for celebration! Thank you for continuing to work on this. It significantly improves our workflow!

 Q3 – What are some ways in which Appriss Health keeps implementation time and costs low?  

Erin – Because Appriss Health has seamlessly integrated our own solutions, as well as worked with the majority of EHR Vendors to develop scalable integrations ahead of time, your implementation is efficient and low-cost. Our proactive approach to implementation ensures that our customers have the potential to be up and running within days, and potentially avoid unexpected costs. Additionally, our cloud-based amazon web services reduce average infrastructure costs by 31% vs. on-premise hosting. 

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