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New Appriss Health Resource Page to Help Inform Patients and Their Families

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain and part of their treatment plan often includes prescription opioids to treat and manage their conditions. However, when considering opioid therapy for chronic pain, it is important to consider the risks along with the benefits. With an emphasis on patient safety and better outcomes, Appriss Health provides healthcare providers with solutions to inform and support clinical decision-making.

While we are committed to helping providers, and others involved in patient care, work together to achieve better patient outcomes through earlier interventions, we also feel the responsibility and obligation to always communicate with patients and put them at the forefront of our solutions. That’s why we have dedicated a new section of our website specifically designed to help patients and their families better understand how Appriss Health’s solutions support them and enable better patient care. This resource page includes:

Every day we approach our work with the goal to provide a usable and balanced clinical tool that protects access to care while also ensuring that clinicians and patients are well informed of potential risks. We will continually update this page, and we hope this will serve as a valuable resource to patients and their families.

Learn more about how we put patients at the heart of what we do.

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