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OpenBeds Behavioral Health Platform Supports Access to Specialized Treatment

Nearly half of individuals with opioid use and co-occurring behavioral health disorders receive no treatment according to a SAMHSA Treatment Improvement Protocol report. Exacerbated by COVID-19, lack of access to treatment for behavioral health and substance use disorders is a nationwide problem that many individuals face every day. When care cannot be managed by a primary physician alone, investing in specialized care is essential to a patient’s recovery.

Here at OpenBeds, we want to shine a light on the strides we’ve made in the behavioral health space with our technology solutions, particularly on building a digital network of referring and receiving facilities so that patients with behavioral health and substance use disorders (SUDs) can access the specialized care they need.

Primary care physicians who encounter patients experiencing serious behavioral health issues and/or an SUD will recommend the patient pursue specific treatment and make a referral to qualified behavioral health providers. Although straightforward in theory, OpenBeds identified key reasons for the widening gap between patient referrals and patients who receive care, including:

– Inadequate accessibility or availability of a variety of treatment modalities
– Screening and referrals requiring lots of manual work on the part of time-pressed providers
– Lack of understanding by primary care physicians as to how to refer their patients to the appropriate level of treatment

OpenBeds has built a network of organizations and enhanced communication across those organizations to improve accessibility and simplify the referral process, with the goal of saving providers’ time and improving patient outcomes. This proprietary technology solution provides real-time treatment availability through secure, two-way digital provider communication in eight states and counting. OpenBeds also facilitates greater transparency and accountability by helping to identify where gaps in treatment may exist through our analytics and reporting tools available within the application.

Here is what a CareSource user in one state had to say about the solution. “I had my first experience with OpenBeds today for an urgent referral for inpatient detox. Let me just say this process is one of the easiest, quickest, most helpful processes I have ever utilized in all of the years I’ve practiced.” By significantly reducing referral to placement times, OpenBeds increases physician satisfaction and invests in the specialized care of your patients.

Now, more than ever is time to proactively combat the behavioral health and substance use crisis in the United States. We know that healthcare providers share this sentiment, but we also know that you require the right technology to get patients the care they need.

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