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Our OpenBeds Solution Via Video

There’s a major financial issue related to behavioral health in America. Inefficiencies around treatment—or lack of treatment—cost the healthcare system hundreds of billions of dollars per year. And there’s an even worse public health issue; millions of people plagued by behavioral health and SUDs go completely untreated year after year. At Appriss Health, we couldn’t sit idle and not react to these issues, especially as COVID-19 exacerbated them.

That’s why we offer OpenBeds, our digital referral system and care coordination network. The solution bridges gaps between referring and receiving providers. This way, social workers, clinicians, and various other providers can conveniently see available beds at behavioral health and SUD treatment facilities and quickly refer patients to the appropriate level of care.

We could go on and on writing about OpenBeds’ features and benefits—and we already have right here—but we wanted to create a video that does much of the explaining visually. Check it out below and get in touch with our team if you’d like to discuss how OpenBeds can establish and grow your state or health system’s behavioral health referral network.


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