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How SMART on FHIR Capabilities for PMP Gateway Integrations Support State PDMP Innovations

State prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) have evolved from legacy medication history approaches into comprehensive public health-centric platforms capable of providing clinical tools, patient risk indicators, and seamless patient transition to treatment when needed, all within clinical workflow.

Today, modern PDMPs have the ability to:

  • Collect data such as history of controlled substance prescriptions, history of non-fatal overdoses, naloxone administrations, the existence of pain contracts and opioid treatment plans, and more.
  • Utilize that data to inform clinicians of patients’ opioid use profiles or substance use disorder (SUD) risk through means such as advanced analytics, data visualizations, proactive clinical alerts, and more.
  • Enable clinicians to not only use that information to ensure appropriate prescribing and dispensing decisions, but also to coordinate care and provide patients with the support, guidance, and access to treatment they may require.
  • Reduce the burden on providers accessing the PDMP within their workflow.

SMART on FHIR is the recognized industry-standard technology best able to support and maintain the functionality that has enabled this advancement of PDMPs and allows states to continue the important progress they have made.

Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway enables access to PDMP information, tools, and additional resources in real-time, at the point of care, for every patient encounter. Utilizing the SMART on FHIR standard, PMP Gateway enables:

  • All integrations to adhere to state PDMP laws, statutes, and policies in their respective jurisdictions.
  • Up-to-date and accurate information presented to users on-demand, every time.
  • Access to PDMP information to be strictly limited to authorized users in an approved manner.
  • Detailed and accurate audit trails of PDMP information access provided to the PDMPs.
  •  Consistent, PDMP-dictated presentation formats and content, such as clinical alerts, and an unlimited number of additional PDMP data sets, such as history of non-fatal overdose, displayed in electronic health record (EHR) and pharmacy systems, with no additional coding required of them for initial implementations or changes.
  • The inclusion of all PDMP clinical tools, such as messaging, education, and referral to treatment, within EHRs and pharmacy systems.

Today, PMP Gateway integrations are readily available to more than 85 percent of all prescribers and pharmacists throughout the U.S. Appriss Health has partnered with more than 130 electronic health record (EHR) systems and every major pharmacy chain and pharmacy management system to provide PMP Gateway to over 800,000 prescribers and pharmacists at over 80,000 facilities nationwide.

Press Release: Appriss Health Announces Launch of SMART on FHIR Capability for PMP Gateway Integrations

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