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Supporting Clinicians with In-Workflow, Clinical Decision Support

Today in America, after a drop in in-person patient volume due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some physicians are seeing more non-COVID patients in person. One primary reason for this is vaccine distribution. Now that vaccines are readily available, previously delayed cosmetic and non-emergency medical procedures are returning.

At the same time, partly because the aforementioned COVID-19 pandemic has amplified behavioral health issues and physical health issues—providers are currently seeing more allergy-related symptoms, heart-related issues, and even vision-related issues in children—the number of virtual or “telehealth” visits exploded. Today, that growth has flattened somewhat, but telehealth is clearly a viable healthcare option in many cases.

Not to mention, we’re in the middle of a substance use disorder (SUD) epidemic, with a staggering 90,000 overdose deaths in the last year alone.

During this time of healthcare transition, when an unexpected pandemic massively impacted public health and care options continue to evolve, it only makes sense that providers expect their access to patients’ data and analytics to evolve as well.

This is precisely why Appriss Health + PatientPing continues to invest so heavily in clinical decision support tools. Now, more than ever, clinicians need a broad, convenient picture of patients’ complex histories, and they need analyses of those histories to help them make more informed care decisions.

One tool in particular, NarxCare, is leading the way. NarxCare is a comprehensive SUD platform with powerful analytics and clinical resources for risk assessment and patient support. It automatically analyzes PDMP data and a patient’s health history and provides patient risk scores and an interactive visualization of usage patterns to help identify potential risk factors. This way, physicians and pharmacists can make more confident, complete dispensation decisions.

NarxCare also fosters care collaboration by delivering care team communications, including the transmission of documents, connecting all authenticated users.

As Appriss Health + PatientPing continue to focus on incorporating data and analytics in clinical workflows and expand care collaboration among care coordinators, clinicians, health plans and more, it is tools like NarxCare that will continue to be enhanced to provide comprehensive, visual views of patients’ histories and how their histories may affect their futures.

To read more about NarxCare, click here.

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