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The True Cost of Software Solutions

Appriss Health’s Gateway PDMP solution was recently highlighted in a GovLoop research brief about evaluating the total cost of ownership of an entire technology program, rather than an off-the-shelf technology component.

Expediting PDMP integration so that all prescribers and pharmacists have access is central to states’ fight against the opioid epidemic. And while there are many solution options to accomplish this, including LogiCoy, NIC, and RxCheck, Appriss Health takes a holistic approach to EHR penetration that is unparalleled in the industry. We take pride in delivering a consistent, standards-based PDMP integration that is agnostic to health IT vendors (i.e. EHR, HIE, pharmacy systems) and available to states now, not a year or two from now.

You should know that there are PDMP solutions that have no upfront technology costs and are promoted as “free,” but there is often a significant cost in human capital related to implementation, integration, and maintenance—raising the total cost of ownership. Think of these strictly as solutions rather than partners. This is the primary reason why 40+ states have selected and continue to work with Appriss Health. We are a true technology partner—offering the best industry expertise, interoperability, and customer experience, along with the lowest total cost of ownership.

 Industry Expertise. Our analysts, engineers, and EHR vendor experts are dedicated to establishing connections with EHR vendors. With 130+ connections, we continue to work alongside the EHRs to expand access to state PDMPs. This ecosystem results in the most efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering PDMP information at the point of care.

Interoperability. We make the connection and exchange of information across EHRs, pharmacy systems, and health information exchanges easy—facilitating compliant, standardized data connections that support your state’s public health strategy.

Customer experience. Customers come first. Your voice helps lead our direction and determine company focus and product innovation. As a result, long-term customers continue to benefit from our solution’s evolution and scalability instead of starting from scratch.

The research brief elaborates on these benefits, and details much more around technology program implementation and total cost of ownership related to PDMP integration. We are confident that you and your colleagues will find the brief beneficial.

Click below to download your copy of our Total Cost of Ownership Research Brief!



Brad Bauer


Brad Bauer

Mr. Brad Bauer brings over 28 years of professional experience working within commercial and government healthcare and strategic partner markets.

Brad’s background also includes over 21 years of experience working within Healthcare Information Technology solutions to help access and mitigate risk. Prior to joining Appriss, Brad worked with McKesson’s interoperability and healthcare technology company, RelayHealth. He worked on projects such as Provider/Supplier enrollment with CMS central office, and program integrity efforts at the state Medicaid level.

Brad also worked closely with the DEA, FDA, and CDC leveraging prescription drug diversion solutions on a national scale. For the past 12 years, Brad has been focused on state Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMP’s) and efforts to integrate PDMP data within the clinical workflow. Brad holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Valdosta State University, Valdosta, GA.

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