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Using the PDMP to Decrease Controlled Substance Fraud in South Carolina

  • South Carolina opioid overdose deaths claimed 1,564 lives from 2017 to 2018 in the wake of a growing national crisis.
  • The state mandates practitioners to query SCRIPTS prescription monitoring program to combat controlled substance fraud—a time-consuming, manual process.
  • In 2017, Prisma Health streamlined the process for 1,000+ clinicians with one-click access to SCRIPTS data through their EHR workflow using PMP Gateway.

Opioid prescriptions began as a tool for pain management but have rapidly turned into a social and economic crisis, costing an estimated $78.5B per year nationwide. In South Carolina alone, the rate of opioid-related deaths jumped 9% from 2017 to 2018. More recently, disruption in healthcare access and social isolation related to COVID-19 have also caused sharp upticks in overdose fatalities.

Although South Carolina practitioners are required to query SCRIPTS prescription monitoring program before writing or continuing a controlled substance prescription, the process can be so time-consuming that it discourages compliance.

Providing practitioners with the proper tools to make informed clinical decisions—and to make them with less hassle—can improve patient outcomes and lower the rate of overdose deaths.

Prisma Health, the largest not-for-profit health organization in South Carolina, wanted to do just that and turned to Appriss Health in 2017 for the solution. Integrating their Epic cloud-based EHR with PMP Gateway gave 1,000+ clinicians one-click access to SCRIPTS data, increasing efficiency when checking the PDMP.

Dr. Jeffrey Gerac, chief medical information officer, reports that after integration, “we’ve definitely seen a significant downward trend in total opiates prescribing over the last few years.” He also cited the ability to easily query neighboring states’ PMP in workflow as incredibly valuable in making appropriate clinical decisions.

Read their full customer spotlight and then begin the steps to integration to see the impact PMP Gateway can have on your prescribers.

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