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2020 Stimulus Package

We are thankful that our leaders in Washington DC are taking action with the new stimulus package. This is an important step in the right direction, but more investment is needed for long term impact.

Naloxone: Front and Center

Prescribers, pharmacists, and payers can use new opioid rules as an opportunity to expand medication access and patient education about the lifesaver

Response to the GAO Report on the Operation of PDMPs

Appriss Health shares the goal of policymakers and prescribers to integrate access to PDMP data directly into electronic health records. Today, one-third of all U.S. prescribers are using Appriss Health’s PMP Gateway integration as part of their EHR system.

Risk Scoring in the PDMP to Identify At-Risk Patients

In this whitepaper, Appriss Health’s data scientists discuss how substance use disorder prevention and management platforms such as NarxCare are using scores and alerts to distill PDMP data into a more easily interpreted visual format – ultimately leading to more informed clinical decisions that...