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Press Release

March 13th 2017

Appriss Creates Enterprise Data Sciences Team to Expand Analytics Capabilities

Appriss Redoubles its Commitment to Advanced Data and Analytics Solutions with Investment in a World Class Data Sciences Team

LOUISVILLE, KY – Appriss, a leader in data and analytics solutions for healthcare, retail and safety industries, announced the formation of an Enterprise Data Sciences team led by Dr. David Speights, PhD. With this group of world class analytics experts, Appriss is well positioned to apply technology, deep domain expertise and data science to further enhance the proprietary data and analytics solutions to market.

Speights has more than 20 years of analytics industry experience, delivering analytics capabilities to multiple industries including Retail, Finance, Insurance and Healthcare. Speights joined Appriss as part of its recent acquisitions of The Retail Equation and SysRepublic, two of the retail industry’s leading retail analytics companies. As Chief Data Scientist at The Retail Equation, he was responsible for analytical modeling and managing point-of-sale data from more than 25 national retailers (equating to more than 100 million rows of new data daily). He will lead a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists with deep domain expertise in several analytical disciplines. Together, they also bring deep industry knowledge in retail, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, marketing and financial industries.

“Appriss is constantly looking for ways to leverage data and analytics to solve some of the toughest problems in our society – be they related to patient safety, victim safety, fraud in retail or improving performance. We are excited to have this extraordinarily talented team work on bringing further innovation to the customers and markets we serve,” said Krishnan Sastry, Chief Strategy Officer of Appriss. “This all-star team of analytics professionals will greatly impact how we serve our customers in healthcare, retail, risk and safety industries. In a very short time, they have already shown how they can meaningfully impact the problems we attack. The team’s work in 2016 on Data Driven Justice, an initiative led by the White House, has been very well received by federal, state and local agencies across the country. David and his team collaborated with the Appriss Health team to develop machine learning models that can forecast opioid overdoses based on prescription drug activity, essentially helping save lives,” said Mike Davis, CEO of Appriss. “As a practicing clinician, I am excited to be applying the latest innovations in improving patient care and increasing patient safety,” said Dr. Jim Huizenga, Chief Clinical Officer of Appriss Health.


Appriss provides proprietary data and analytics solutions to effectively and efficiently address safety, fraud, risk and compliance issues for government and commercial enterprises worldwide. We are a team of technology and data science experts that are driven to solve complex business and societal problems. Our customers are leading commercial enterprises, information service providers and government agencies with focus in retail, healthcare and public safety.

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