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Solutions Overview

Making better outcomes possible with earlier intervention

Solutions to help identify, prevent and manage substance use disorder

Appriss Health is instrumental in providing data and analytic solutions to inform and support decision-making related to substance use disorder.

With our solutions, we’re helping healthcare systems and providers, pharmacies, state governments, health plans and law enforcement officials better identify, prevent, and manage substance use, throughout the USA.

We’re committed to helping providers, and others involved in patient care and oversight, work together to achieve better outcomes through earlier intervention.

Behavioral Health Solutions

Identify, unify, and track all behavioral health treatment and support resources in a single network. See how OpenBeds fosters collaboration among mental health, substance use, social service, and medical providers to drive better patient treatment outcomes.

Substance Use Disorder Solutions


Get robust analytics for controlled substance prescribing risk and care management tools to best help the patient. See how NarxCare objectively scores and visualizes the PDMP data you need, right in your EHR workflow, while providing valuable resources to support patients in need.

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Intervene earlier with the advantage of real-time PDMP monitoring. PMP AWARxE lets you know more to intervene sooner. Get electronic, real-time data for every controlled substance prescription, state-wide.

Learn how PMP Gateway integrates real-time PDMP data at the point of care and provides flexibility to share data with multiple stores and states for better coordinated patient care.

Methamphetamine Precursor Tracking Solutions

Track pseudoephedrine (PSE) transactions with real-time efficiency. Find out how the National Precursor Log Exchange (NPLEx) is helping pharmacies, retailers and law enforcement, on behalf of state agencies, track, block and intervene for sales of medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE).

Track pseudoephedrine (PSE) transactions with real-time efficiency and point of sale support. See how MethCheck helps nearly 50,000 pharmacies track and manage sales of over-the-counter cold, flu, and allergy medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE).

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