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OpenBeds Critical Resource Tracker

Automating reporting of available critical beds, equipment and trained clinicians across healthcare facilities

SOlution overview

Know when and where your state’s critical resources are available

During health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical to have access to real-time information for resources like available critical beds, key personnel, and vital equipment. This is only possible with accurate and on-time data reporting from a solution like the OpenBeds Critical Resource Tracker.

The solution also eases the burden on your health system or hospital by automating required reporting and standardizing the calculation of state and federal data elements, eliminating interpretations and manual data entry.

features & capabilities

Real-time Data streams in a customized dashboard

The Critical Resource Tracker offers a customizable, easy-to-use dashboard continually enhanced by countless tests and user feedback. It includes all of the real-time resource data that clinicians need to better care for patients.

Customizable dashboard

Allows users to customize their views to see information that is most relevant to their unique patient needs.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Tracks user activities in and automates reporting to meet the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ requirements.

Real-time bed availability

Shows users real-time bed availability at hospitals across the state so that patients can be transferred quickly.

features & capabilities

Streamlined communication & access to resources

The Critical Resource Tracker is built to accommodate states, along with their health systems and hospitals, regardless of their needs. It can be modified to scale and fit different administrative needs while remaining secure.

Organization to organization digital messaging

Enable clinicians to request patient transfers or consults and manage the (re) distribution of critical equipment (e.g., ventilators) and personnel.

Global network communications

Send alerts or messages simultaneously to all network members (with notification option).

Robust resource repository

Ability to post notifications, education materials and local directives that will be available for reference to all network members.

Available to ad hoc treatment resources

Any legitimate organization employed to provide pandemic treatment beds or resources may create an account and provide their services on the network, e.g., military field or ship hospitals

features & capabilities

Scalable, secure, Accessible

The Critical Resource Tracker is built to accommodate states, along with their health systems and hospitals, regardless of their needs. It can be modified to scale and fit different administrative needs while remaining secure.

Rapidly scalable

Immediately available to an unlimited number of facilities and organizations; states, counties, health systems have access to data and communications within their prescribed network, which is part of the larger national network.


The platform resides on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with HIPAA-compliant access, authentication, and storage.

Control network access

State, counties, health systems control network access and retain the right to approve network membership.

Mobile optimized

Accessible and fully functional with all mobile and tablet devices which allows use in remote locations.

Replace / supplement manual reporting

OpenBeds may supplement or replace existing manual reporting requirements.

Automated account creation

Intuitive interface requires no formal training (customer support available).

case study

How North Carolina Took Control of Critical COVID-19 Data to Support Public Health

Taking control of Critical COVID-19 data is the first step in supporting your state’s public health efforts. Learn how the state of North Carolina is using the Critical Resource Tracker to automate COVID data submission, remove the reporting burden from acute care hospitals, and expand clinician and community access to care.

Request More Information or Instant Access

Request More Information or Instant Access

what hospitals are saying

“HCA North Carolina Division (Mission Hospital) recently completed integration with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ (DHHS) online COVID-19 collection site. The site, developed by Appriss/OpenBeds, was deployed to enable all North Carolina hospitals to submit their COVID-19 patient and resource counts into one simple, easy-to-use location.

OpenBeds created a standards-based web services API enabling health systems like Mission to easily and efficiently publish their COVID-19 lab results to the state with zero human involvement. This effectively replaces an online survey submitted daily by a Mission employee and ensures our employee, bed, and vent counts are always up to date. The benefits go far beyond automation for NC State reporting though. NC DHHS will also submit this information to the federal government on the hospital’s behalf, eliminating another daily, manual survey.

The integration was quick, streamlined, and efficient. The entire project took less than two weeks from inception to first data transmission. Resource requirements were light as well, leveraging a single web developer and a SQL architect for the clinical data mining. 

The project also drove numerous other efficiencies at Mission. We used the infrastructure to enable automated county-level reporting, and the state solution created the foundation for more robust internal reporting. 

In all, this was a great success! Mission is proud to be a founding member of a team producing a solution that will prove to be of enormous value to our state.”

Cameron Hurst
Director, Application Development
HCA Information Technology Group, North Carolina Division

OpenBeds® fulfills federal HIPAA security standards including authorization, encryption, and audit logging.