Identify, unify, and track all behavioral health services and connect all treatment, referral, and social support resources in a single, common network.

Solution Overview

Streamline the behavioral health treatment referral process.

OpenBeds is a comprehensive behavioral health and treatment referral platform that helps create trusted treatment and referral networks to improve support and care delivery.

OpenBeds replaces inefficient and less effective manual search, communication and reporting functions, facilitates rapid transfers/referrals, and fosters collaboration and coordination among medical and mental health providers, homeless services, and substance use programs.

The platform accomplishes this by providing real-time treatment facility availability, evidence-based therapy offerings, two-way digital provider communication, data aggregation and analytics, and clinical decision support.

Solution Benefits & Key Features

Improving Access to Treatment and Support Services in a Single, Common Network

Real-Time Access to treatment availability

With a real-time inventory of inpatient and outpatient services throughout an entire network of treatment providers, referring providers and care team members can get patients into treatment sooner.

Better understand utilization and referral patterns

Track real-time utilization and referral patterns at the organization, regional, and state levels to help identify service gaps and effectively target resources.

assess a patients’ needs to help determine the right level of care

Ensure patients are referred to the appropriate level of care by utilizing a validated decision support self-assessment tool built with ASAM.

Ensure patients have access to necessary social Services

Connect patients to necessary social services to facilitate and sustain treatment.

Compliant with Hipaa and 42 CFR Part 2 requirements

We take security seriously. The OpenBeds platform and service are fully compliant with HIPAA and 42 CRF Part 2 requirements regarding security and confidentiality.

flexible and scalable as your network grows

The platform is highly configurable and adaptable to existing workflows and protocols. It is exceedingly scalable, permitting the rapid inclusion of additional referral, treatment, and support services as your network expands.

Customer Success

“Real-time online treatment referrals and acceptances are an important step forward in making our behavioral health system more responsive for the people we serve. Because of the Delaware Treatment and Referral Network, health care providers, in consultation with individuals and their families, won’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to find out if a treatment slot of bed is available. Faxed paperwork won’t get misplaced. And a bed won’t be given away to someone else while an individual seeking treatment tried to get to a treatment location.”

Dr. Kara Odom Walker
Board-certified family physician & Secretary
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services

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Treatment Connection

Further expand your network with, a website that enables those seeking mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment for themselves or others to leverage the tools and inventory of the new state referral network and anonymously evaluate the type of care they need; search for appropriate, nearby providers; and submit confidential online referral inquiries to state-vetted treatment providers.

The site features the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment (ATNA), which is based on The ASAM Criteria®, the most widely used and comprehensive set of guidelines for placement, continued stay, transfer, or discharge of patients with addiction and co-occurring conditions. The ASAM Criteria identifies six key factors, called dimensions, used to assess an individual and develop an addiction treatment plan that meets their needs. ATNA has been built to rapidly assess an individual’s severity/risk in each of the dimensions in just thirteen questions that can be completed by the patient or a loved one.

The assessment results are meant to empower individuals looking for treatment and help narrow options to treatment settings that are most likely to meet their needs and put them on the best path towards recovery.

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