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Identify, unify, and track all behavioral health services in a single network so you can easily and quickly refer patients to the treatment they need.

Solution Overview

Streamline the behavioral health treatment referral process

OpenBeds is a comprehensive behavioral health capacity management and referral technology solution. The solution helps health systems, payors and state and county governments create trusted treatment networks to improve support and care delivery to patients in need—improving public health.

For providers, OpenBeds replaces inefficient manual search, communication and reporting functions. It facilitates rapid digital referrals and transfers, and fosters collaboration among medical and mental health providers, criminal justice organizations, homeless services, crisis lines, 2-1-1, social services, and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs—closing the loop on care.

The solution accomplishes this by providing real-time visibility of treatment provider availability, evidence-based service capacity, secure two-way digital provider communication, data aggregation and analytics, clinical decision support, and even crisis management.

Solution Benefits & Key Features

Increase and expedite patient access to behavioral health treatment

GET Real-Time Access to treatment availability

With a real-time inventory of inpatient and outpatient treatment providers, referring clinicians and care team members can get patients into treatment sooner.

Better understand utilization & referral patterns

With our analytics, customers can track utilization and referral patterns at the organizational, regional, and state levels to help identify service gaps, inform policy and program design, and make more cost-effective use of resources.


By utilizing a validated decision support self-assessment tool, you can ensure clients are referred to the appropriate level of care.


With our vast network and real-time availability data, providers can refer to the right social services to facilitate and support treatment.


The OpenBeds system is fully compliant with all laws and requirements regarding security and confidentiality.


Thanks to our focus on adaptability of the system’s interface and existing workflows and protocols, you can easily scale up as your network of contacts and facilities grows.

who we serve

Helping governments, hospitals, and providers

We create vetted networks that include providers, treatment organizations, referring organizations, health systems, managed care organizations, social services, and state entities who want to collectively improve access to behavioral health services.

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Customer Success

“Real-time online treatment referrals and acceptances are an important step forward in making our behavioral health system more responsive for the people we serve. Because of the Delaware Treatment and Referral Network, health care providers, in consultation with individuals and their families, won’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to find out if a treatment slot of bed is available. Faxed paperwork won’t get misplaced. And a bed won’t be given away to someone else while an individual seeking treatment tried to get to a treatment location.”

Dr. Kara Odom Walker
Board-certified family physician & Secretary
Delaware Department of Health and Social Services


Crisis Management Solution

The OpenBeds Crisis Management technology solution expedites access to assessment and treatment for those in behavioral health and SUD crisis, tracks their journey from call to treatment, and coordinates all stakeholders within a crisis management system. The solution, combined with our foundational OpenBeds referral system and treatment network, supports collaboration with:

  • Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Local community organizations
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities
  • Other behavioral health stakeholders

This can result in a better understanding of an individual’s longitudinal patient record among all stakeholders, throughout the crisis management process, along with more positive patient outcomes. For more detailed information about our Crisis Management solution, check out our full brochure.

crisis management playbook

Looking to get ahead of the July 2022 go-live of 9-8-8?

The current approach to behavioral health crisis management is piecemeal in many communities. Far too many individuals fall through the cracks as a result. The cost to communities, families, and the broader public is just too great. Developing a comprehensive and integrated behavioral health crisis solution is critical to closing gaps in care. Learn more about our approach in our Public Health playbook.

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Find Help Now

Public-Facing Treatment Connection

Through OpenBeds, Treatment Connection can be made available to the community at large. Treatment Connection is an evidence-based assessment and referral site which enables those seeking mental health and SUD treatment or their loved ones to find nearby, state-vetted treatment providers, evaluate the type of care they need, and submit anonymous or non-anonymous referral inquiries to providers.

Treatment Connection’s website features the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment (ATNA). ATNA’s 13 consumer-friendly questions were developed with the American Society of Addiction Medicine and are used to assess the risk and severity of a person’s addiction to provide guidance on the most appropriate level of care.

Caring for infants

Safe Infant Plan of Care

Sadly, a baby is born with opioid withdrawal every 15 minutes in America per the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Fortunately, the federal Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA) was established, in part, to look after these infants. It requires health and human services providers to develop a plan of care for all babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome.

In support, we developed our Safe Infant Plan of Care solution to help providers adhere to CARA requirements and, in turn, ensure safety and well-being as the infants recover. The solution enables access to—and tracking of—mandatory forms related to care, provides analytics to measure activity and compliance, and much more.

the openbeds technology

The cloud-based solution identifies, unifies, and tracks all behavioral health treatment and support services in one user-friendly interface.

OpenBeds® fulfills federal HIPAA security standards including authorization, encryption, and audit logging.