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Who We Serve

We serve state governments, treatment facilities, referring providers, and more in a single network.


Helping governments, facilities, and providers

We create trusted networks that include individual providers, treatment and referring organizations, health systems, managed care organizations, social services, and state governments who want to collectively offer better behavioral health services.

State Governments

States can create comprehensive networks to connect multiple treatment, referral, and support services, and pool capacity.

Treatment Facilities

Treatment facilities can more efficiently manage referrals, with digital analytics, communication, and notifications.

Referring Providers

Referring providers can quickly locate and connect individuals to available and appropriate behavioral treatment.

Health Systems

Health systems can better coordinate patient care within—and outside of—their network of providers and facilities.

Health Plans

Health plans, including managed care organizations, can find in-network, in-state providers and refer their customers/subscribers.

State Governments

OpenBeds enables states to create trusted, comprehensive and inclusive networks to coordinate multiple independent treatment, referral, and support services and pool capacity.

The platform accomplishes this by providing real-time treatment facility availability, evidence-based therapy offerings, two-way digital provider communication, data aggregation and analytics, and clinical decision support.

See how OpenBeds is helping states address ED overutilization and improve referral processes to reduce wait times.

“Our new 2-1-1 OpenBeds program has made more than 4,000 referrals for treatment services and support groups, connecting people quicker than ever, which can mean the difference between life and death.”

State of the State, January 2019

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Treatment Facilities

We leverage technology to improve the overall referral process for both referring and treatment organizations alike. We have replaced the phone/fax machine inefficiencies with rapid access filters, digital referrals and subsequent communications, electronic notifications and process analytics.

As a treatment facility, you can update your bed availability and services, receive electronic notifications for referrals, communicate with referring providers, view patients’ medical records, and accept them—all directly within the easy-to-use, cloud-based OpenBeds interface.

“I had my first experience with OpenBeds today for an urgent referral for inpatient detox. Let me just say this process is one of the easiest, quickest, most helpful processes I have ever utilized in all of the years I’ve practiced. Our member had called all day to numerous places to get help for herself. The RN case manager asked me to get involved today, and I think we will have her placed by tomorrow morning.”


Referring Providers

As a referring provider, you can rapidly locate and connect individuals to appropriate and available levels of care. We provide you with validated assessment tools to help you place your patients in the right treatment. We also offer digitized screening, service transparency, and secure digital messaging to add greater efficiency than ever before.

This translates to better patient care, saved time, and reduced stress levels. And with mental health and substance use disorders on the rise, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the OpenBeds solution.

“Real-time online treatment referrals and acceptances are an important step forward in making our behavioral health system more responsive for the people we serve. Because of the Delaware Treatment and Referral Network, health care providers, in consultation with individuals and their families, won’t have to spend hours on the phone trying to find out if a treatment slot of bed is available. Faxed paperwork won’t get misplaced. And a bed won’t be given away to someone else while an individual seeking treatment tried to get to a treatment location.”

Board-certified family physician & Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Secretary

Health Systems

Health systems can be large, with thousands of medical professionals and hundreds of facilities. The OpenBeds solution connects this vast network in one, comprehensive interface, from an emergency department to a mental health and SUD treatment program. This connectivity offers better awareness, communication, and patient care.

Health Plans

Health plans, including managed care organizations, can use the OpenBeds solution to find in-network, in-state providers and refer their customers/subscribers to the right mental health and SUD treatment—increasing the efficiency of care and reducing associated costs.

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Improving Access to Treatment & Support Services

OpenBeds® fulfills federal HIPAA security standards including authorization, encryption, and audit logging.