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Helping physicians make better informed decisions for addressing substance use disorders

We understand the weight of your daily responsibilities

Your waiting room is full from the moment the doors open until practice hours close each day. Time you’d like to spend treating patients is diverted to time spent complying with your state’s prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) regulations.

It can take over 5 minutes to access and monitor a patient’s PDMP report. You need to leave your workflow. Log into a separate PDMP website. Then digest the data in the patient’s PDMP report. With delays in receiving PDMP information, you could prescribe a controlled substance medication to a patient who shouldn’t receive it. The pressure to get back on schedule to treat other patients could even lead to being non-compliant.

Your PDMP database is restricted to state data so if a patient tries to obtain a prescription across state lines, you have no way of being informed by out-of-state pharmacists or healthcare providers.

Picture your day with a more efficient PDMP

You can quickly access patient prescription data because your PDMP is now integrated with your EHR. No need to log in, juggle passwords or get sidetracked with a separate website. Over the course of a day, that’s saving you precious time—freeing up more time to spend with patients.

Your PDMP provides a valued risk-scoring platform with fast access to multi-state PDMP data. In seconds, you have a series of relevant risk scores and an interactive display of your patient’s prescription history. With this caliber of information, you can prescribe more knowledgeably, detect substance misuse, and be assured you’re compliant with state regulations. If a patient tries to illegally obtain prescriptions in another state, you know you’ll be informed in real-time through your PDMP and can take appropriate action.

Thanks to interstate PDMP data sharing, you can consult with other healthcare providers and pharmacists to work together for better patient outcomes and block controlled substance abuse, quickly and efficiently. Likewise, your PDMP now includes a treatment facility locator and printable educational materials about substance use disorders to support your patients.

Data support and analytics for better informed prescribing decisions

Appriss Health solutions are here to provide knowledge for good. We developed NarxCare to help healthcare providers make well informed prescribing decisions. With NarxCare, providers are working together with healthcare professionals and pharmacists, in multiple states, to achieve better patient outcomes and mitigate substance abuse. We’d like to help your practice benefit from the efficiencies and insights NarxCare can provide as a more robust, interstate PDMP solution.


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