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Providing pharmacists with an effective solution for addressing substance use disorders

We understand the challenges you face every day

Your pharmacy is busy from the moment the doors open until close of business every day. You’re handling a large volume of prescriptions, including controlled substances. In your state, it may be mandatory to monitor sales of medications containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) to prevent components in them being diverted into the illicit manufacturing of methamphetamine and other dangerous drugs.

To be compliant with state regulations, you and your staff must log every pseudoephedrine transaction in paper logs that are ineffective and difficult to manage. That applies to prescription drugs and over-the-counter cold medicines containing PSE. It’s a process that eats up a lot of staff time over the course of a day.

Patient safety and compliance are your big priorities. You know that if there is non-compliance, your pharmacy could face massive fines that could seriously impact on the bottom line.

While you have access to a Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP), the data is cumbersome to navigate and analyze. It can take over 5 minutes to leave your workflow, login to a separate website for your state’s PDMP and digest the data in the report. During your busiest times, this could lead to non-compliance and bypassing best practices for patient safety. In addition, when you are able to identify a potential patient problem for substance use, you have no support to determine the best course of action for dealing with the patient.

How a day could look with better data support

With a robust data and analytic solution for PDMP, you can efficiently access prescription monitoring data that’s integrated with your pharmacy management system. No need to log in, deal with passwords or access a secondary website. A risk-scoring platform lets you quickly access multi-state PDMP data and get an instant series of risk scores as well as an interactive display of a patient’s prescription history.

You’re no longer bogged down with time-wasting paper logs for tracking pseudoephedrine transactions. Instead, you can track and block PSE sales electronically with real-time efficiency. Your pharmacy now has the flexibility to enter transaction data through a web portal or web service, eliminating bulky paper logs, and speeding up transaction times. You can instantly access multi-state PDMP data and collaborate with other pharmacists to block controlled substance abuse.

With time saved from paper logs, your staff can better focus on serving customers. You have peace of mind, knowing that compliance is built into your PDMP solution. Importantly, your PDMP solution also provides support to help you foster better patient outcomes. Now you can locate substance disorder treatment facilities, provide educational materials, and communicate with healthcare providers and other pharmacists involved in the patient’s care.

PDMP data support and analytics for greater efficiency and better patient outcomes

Appriss Health is committed to data solutions that can help pharmacists and healthcare professionals work more productively to achieve better patient outcomes, greater efficiency, and full compliance for substance use prescribing, dispensing and treatment.


A comprehensive, real-time, substance use disorder platform, integrated with your PDMP, that provides powerful visualization of controlled substance risk, plus tools and resources to aid pharmacists in supporting patients for earlier intervention. Dispense more knowledgeably and efficiently with advanced analytics, risk scoring and PDMP data from 43 states and municipalities.

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A real-time prescription monitoring solution that provides state government agencies with accurate data, compliant with their regulations. With PMP AWARxE, end users, healthcare providers and pharmacists are better able to make informed dispensing and prescribing decisions and intervene earlier.

Solutions to help you make well informed dispensing decisions

As with all Appriss Health solutions, NarxCare is providing knowledge for good. NarxCare is an effective solution for helping pharmacists make responsible dispensing decisions, working collaboratively with pharmacists and healthcare providers to mitigate substance abuse and help patients achieve better outcomes. And we’re ready to partner with your pharmacy.

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After implementing NarxCare*, Kroger experienced a 4x increase in utilization of PDMP data with the highest levels of user satisfaction. When surveyed, over 99% of the pharmacies’ users liked having data in their workflow and would not want to go back to manually accessing PDMP data. More than 98% of pharmacists reported improved confidence in clinical decisions since NarxCare implementation. *NarxCare was formerly named NARxCHECK.


In December of 2016, QS/1 became the first pharmacy software provider to partner with Appriss to use NarxCare for integrating PDMP data into their pharmacy workflow. Appriss Health teams for NPLEx/MethCheck have worked closely with QS/1’s Point-of-Sale to comply with federal, state and local laws governing the purchase, sale and reporting of PSE items.


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