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Your evolving PDMP needs

As a PDMP administrator, your agency is responsible for overseeing your state’s Prescription (Drug) Monitoring Program (PMP or PDMP), a vital tool for addressing substance use disorders. Through your PDMP, you must track the distribution of narcotics and other prescriptions for federally controlled substances. You’re depending on your PDMP to provide accurate information to healthcare providers and pharmacists to ensure controlled medications are appropriately prescribed and dispensed.

You could be working with a PDMP platform that delays timely information. Those delays could result in erroneously dispensing or prescribing controlled substance medication to patients with a substance use disorder or beyond state allocations for these medications. Your PDMP might be providing inaccurate data about a patient’s substance use history due to a lack of data matching and data could be duplicated if a patient moves. If your PDMP is limited to capturing data within your state, you have no insights gained from inter-state data for patients crossing state lines to obtain additional prescriptions.

As a PDMP administrator, you’re coping with constantly changing reporting requirements. You may also be tasked with tracking utilization of your PDMP state-wide and can performance to learn if its users are compliant with state regulations for controlled substances.

A more robust PDMP

Now, thanks to your PDMP solution, every federally-controlled substance prescription, including narcotics, is being entered in real time, state-wide, making earlier identification and intervention possible. Everyone using the platform receives highly reliable data, thanks to proprietary, patient-linking algorithms for data matching.

Your PDMP platform is providing the fastest response times of any platform in the industry. It’s enabling healthcare providers and pharmacists in your state to be informed sooner with dependable data that can help them dispense and prescribe responsibly.

You can rely on your PDMP for full compliance with state and HIPAA regulations for data entry and reporting. Easy-to-use analytic tools are included for deeper reporting and analysis. There are no headaches if state reporting requirements change because your PDMP platform is flexible and scalable. Your PDMP solution accommodates interstate data sharing making it easy to track controlled substance use across state lines.

As the PDMP administrator, you have peace of mind, knowing that your solution is helping everyone using the platform work together to monitor, control and treat responsibly for substance use.

The National Leader in PDMP Solutions

We’re committed to supporting state government agencies with real-time PDMP data and analytics solutions that can help them more effectively monitor and regulate controlled substances for earlier interventions and better outcomes.

Behavioral Health Solutions

By creating comprehensive treatment and referral networks, we help state governments foster collaboration among mental health, substance use, social service, and medical providers, improving access to treatment.

Ready to support your state with the nation’s leading PDMP solution

At Appriss Health, we’ve built our reputation in the health community with knowledge for good. With PMP AWARxE, we’re helping state government agencies make it possible for pharmacists and healthcare providers to dispense and prescribe controlled substance medications with greater confidence as well as intervene earlier.


“I wanted to thank you and the entire Appriss team for the incredible customer service and attention you’ve shown us over the past three months. Everyone on our side has remarked on the ease of the transition (something we were dreading) and the vast benefits that your system provides over what we were using.


I did not want to miss out on the chance to tell you what a tremendous experience our partnership with your company has proven to be in just the first 90 days. We’ve already had queries from other states and are pleased to be able to highly recommend your company to them.


Customer service is an overlooked area in business these days, but the businesses who do it well are diamonds in hills of rough rock. Thanks for such a flawless and easy transition.”


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Division of Corporations, Business & Professional Licensing | Alaska


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